Why Hatred Is Dumb

Hatred is dumb. And like it or not I`m going to go on a little rant as to why.. Now… let me start with the fact that I’d be a dirty liar if I told you I’ve never used the phrase “OMG I HATE HER”. I’d also be an even dirtier liar if I told you that I’ve never thrown up some middle fingers in spite to the sorry souls I “hated” at the time. But as I get older and accrue (yes I google dictionaried that word) the inevitable wisdom that comes with age.. I’ve realized some things about hatred..
Hatred… Really doesn’t do anything… Now I will acknowledge that there are varying levels of hatred and that certain kinds can be VERY VERY devastating… but the kind of hatred I`m talking about here is the petty kind. For the sake of painting a picture I`m going to name our victim Suzy.
Hating Suzy doesn’t really do much to you… or Suzy… It just makes for an awka-awkward run in at the local bar when you unexpectedly run into each other.
The one thing we’ve all got to realize is…As much as we’d all love to relish in the false reality that Suzy is a mean mean girl and everyone hates her equally as much as you do.. it’s just not true.… Suzy has friends and family that love her. This was the biggest revelation to me… When I finally got over myself enough to realize that these people that I was SO convinced were terrible beings had a group of people that loved them… how can you truly say you dislike them?.
YES… people are multi-faceted beings and YES different people bring out different beasts in us. But to judge someone SOLEY on their interaction with you isn’t a true indication of their character.
Think of it this way. That one time when you were drunk at the bar and you swear that girl over there gave you the side eye so retaliated by telling her she looked like the joker…Is that the true you? Is that the you that everyone in the world gets? NO! You had a bad day… or better yet a bad mixture of drinks . We wouldn’t want our bad qualities and moments to overshadow our good ones. So before you want to slander someone’s name, or use the strong words I HATE think about the intensity of that word.
HATRED is terrorism. HATRED is racism.. HATRED is violence. Don’t stoop yourself down to a level of evil to cater to pettiness.

1 thought on “Why Hatred Is Dumb”

  1. I agree with you to some extent; holding on to anger and other unpleasantness can really do a number on your mental health. However, I’m not into the whole word policing thing. If I get angry, I might say something petty about the situation to my husband, but then I move on. Plus, whether I say “I hate it when such and such thing happens” or I say “I strongly dislike it when such and such thing happens,” I will still know what my original thought was.

    Additionally, as someone who has constantly bottled up my anger until it just spews forth in a rage volcano and second guess myself all the time, I tend to think it’s better to accept your feelings and deal with them in a constructive manner rather than to say I don’t actually feel a certain way or I shouldn’t feel the way I feel.

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