Le Tote First Time.. Review

Hiya all!!

Long time no blog…

After months and months of mindfully ignoring my co-workers le tote praises I finally broke and sent out for my very first le tote. I have been pushing off the urge to try it out and once I cracked I was sure to send my work mates a kind of joking, kind of serious “Hate you Bye” email.  I have to say so far so good….I have held onto my first tote for a little longer than I`m sure most people do but that’s because I have a dress I`m holding onto for a wedding I have in a few weeks. I still may return and try to get a new one but who knows.. Time will tell 🙂

The clothes are all clean and in good shape, I don’t feel like I`m really wearing an outfit that’s been worn by multiple other people. And I mean.. I am a millennial and reduce, reuse, recycle is a mantra ingrained into my mind.

When I first signed up the options they had in my first tote were NOT me, but you have 48 hours to swap out styles and after having the app for a bit you can browse and save items into your “closet” so if the piece is available they will show up in your next tote, or you can swap out for it. You have to keep all of the items you received and send them back together unless you would like to purchase an item, in that case you would send back everything EXCEPT the lucky piece that has earned itself a home in your wardrobe.

I have some pictures of the styles I received in my first tote.

Thank you for reading, I`ll be sure to post updated totes on my instagram account so come check it out!

Have you tried Le Tote? What is your experience? Are there any other services similar that you prefer? Leave a comment! Let’s chat about it! 🙂

dr. brandt review

I don’t know about you all but I am always on the look out for new skincare. I’ve always been into working to maintain healthy and happy skin… Maybe its because I`m terrified of getting older… (make it stop!!) But imagine my excitement when I received the dr. brandt voxbox complimentary from influenster. I have been trying some of the products for about two weeks now, I wanted to be sure I actually used the products more than once before I wrote my review 🙂

snipped image


The voxbox came with 9 different products to try out. I have them listed below:

  • Detoxifying Antioxidant Water Booster
  • Magnetight Age-Defier mask
  • Needles No More cream
  • Needles No More 3-D volumizing Mask
  • Microdermabrasion Age-Defying Exfoliator
  • HydroBiotic Recovery Sleeping Mask
  • Power Dose Vitamon C
  • XYY Face Cream
  • Pore No More Luminizer Primer

Below are my reviews on my top 3 of the voxbox.

Hydro Biotic Recovery Sleeping Mask- I LOVE LOVE LOVE this mask! From the first time I used it I knew it was going to be my favorite one. It hydrated my skin so well without making it feel like I was overwhelming it with a super heavy cream. My favorite part of this mask is that it is supposed to balance the skin’s naturally occurring flora.. I know to some that may sound a bit icky but I`m all about that life! It makes me feel like its doing more for my skin then just making it feel good.

Microdermabrasion Age-Defying Exfoliator- This exfoliator is no joke! I barely even applied any pressure to my skin while rubbing this miracle cream on my skin and I could feel the little bits of exfoliates doing their thing!  I’d be lying if I told you I have slacked in the past with exfoliating my skin, but after using this product from the voxbox I feel like I can tell when my face is due for its next round!

Magnetight Age-Defier mask- I was so excited to see this in my influenster package. I always see the short clips on instagram of people using these magnet masks and I felt like I was living out a previous unknown dream of mine… dramatic? I know… Anyways I have to say the removal part wasn’t as effortless as I always thought, I found myself fighting with the tissues you are supposed to use to cover the magnet, but aside from my non-coordinated clumsiness I LOVE THIS MASK. I don’t think I’ve ever used a mask that I could immediately notice a difference in my skin after its off of my face. My skin tone looked so even and it felt genuinely amazing.

You can see more images of the products at my new Instagram: Fanci_Freckles

Have you tried any of these dr. brandt products? If so, what are your favs?! Leave a comment 🙂








Hello All,

I`m so excited to share with you possibly the easiest DIY skin care I’ve ever tried. I have a friend with the most beautiful skin. She is the girl that people annoyingly always talk about how great her skin is while I cry inside and wonder why that can’t be me!.. Finally, I broke down and asked her what her secret was…..

Apple Cider Vinegar. Now, If you are a pinterest fanatic like myself, this isn’t new news. ACV is all over the place as natural beauty life saver. It has benefits for weightloss, skincare, hair care and MORE. So I did a little more research on how I can use this stuff for my face and brace yourself… 1 part ACV… 2 parts filtered water.. Thats it.. I was equally excited as I was annoyed. Here I have been spending mega bucks on all of this skin care when the secret to my friends beautiful skin was a cheapo bottle of ACV. I died. but my bank account rejoiced.

Now I’ve been using this as a toner twice a day for about 2 weeks and I’ve noticed a change in my skin already. First of all, my skin feels amaze-balls afterwards. No tightness or greasiness, no weird stinging or tingling. just happy. My skin feels happy, like its thanking me for cutting the bullshit.  My skin feels softer and the texture and coloring of my skin has evened out significantly. During this time of year my skin always breaks out, and I get tons of itchy texture. This year was particularly bad and I tried EVERYTHING to get rid of it. From putting tons of product on, to nothing at all and it just wasn’t clearing up. In less than a week of using the toner my face chilled the heck out.. Finally!

I was so happy to find something that was so natural and so inexpensive that I just NEEDED to share it with you. Below I’ve outlined some benefits of ACV for your skin that I found… just incase my personal praise wasn’t enough for you 🙂 I used Braggs ACV, it needs to be the organic stuff!

Benefits of ACV for your skin:

  • Fights Acne
  • Helps your skin adjust to hot and cold weather
  • Helps even out skin coloration
  • Balances the PH levels of your skin
  • Removes Toxins
  • Fights Wrinkles

So go ahead, give it a try! I hope it works the same for you as it does for me.. We all have different skin, and some of us may be more sensitive than others, so I did a little test patch first so I wouldn’t have a reaction!

Have you used ACV for your skin? What about for your hair? Tell me about it, I`m looking to see what else this little miracle has in store for me.

Lash Boost… Oh My Gawsh

Lash Boost Baby! This stuff is AHHmazing! I don’t get too excited over much when it comes to these type of products, but I cannot say enough about Lash Boost by Rodan + Fields. I seriously wish that I had taken before and after pictures because the difference in my lashes is insane!

As much as I hate to admit it, I`m one of those people that doesn’t believe that a change I see in the mirror is real unless I have verbal confirmation from someone else.. Like maybe my brain is just making it up?! (Maybe I should go to a shrink about that?!) but I have been getting compliments left and right for the difference this has made to my eyeballs!

When I decided to buy it I was on the verge of the splurge for eyelash extensions. I wanted them long and I wanted them fast. But the more research I did, and people I talked to, the more they seemed to be irritating as hell! You had to pay an arm and a leg for them, they last 3 weeks, if you are lucky… AND you look like a weirdo when its time for a fill. Not to mention that I’ve heard from multiple people that it made their lashes worse… WHAT?! NOT TODAY.

My justification for purchasing this product (because it is expensive, around $150ish) was that if I wanted eyelash extensions so much, I’d be spending around the same amount for the first round, then even more every couple of weeks to get them filled. So why not try something that may be expensive, but is cheaper in the long run and it enhances my NATURAL lashes.

Once I received it in the mail I literally ran to my makeup mirror to start the magic. I was instructed to use it once a day at night on a clean lid for 6 weeks. Then after the 6 weeks of daily use, drop down to using it as needed. I got my little bundle of eyelash joy in May and am STILL on the same bottle. I use a small amount on my lash line a couple times a week and I can truly say I’ve found my first ride or die beauty product. The only bad thing I have to say about this product is that my lashes are so long, when I put on mascara I have trouble keeping it off my lids… TOUGH LIFE RIGHT?!

If you have been on the fence about purchasing Lash Boost, I hope this post helps you make up your mind! This post is based on my honest and true feedback. You`ll have to let me know how it works for you!

Have you tried Lash Boost?! If so.. what do you think?!

Why Hatred Is Dumb

Hatred is dumb. And like it or not I`m going to go on a little rant as to why.. Now… let me start with the fact that I’d be a dirty liar if I told you I’ve never used the phrase “OMG I HATE HER”. I’d also be an even dirtier liar if I told you that I’ve never thrown up some middle fingers in spite to the sorry souls I “hated” at the time. But as I get older and accrue (yes I google dictionaried that word) the inevitable wisdom that comes with age.. I’ve realized some things about hatred..
Hatred… Really doesn’t do anything… Now I will acknowledge that there are varying levels of hatred and that certain kinds can be VERY VERY devastating… but the kind of hatred I`m talking about here is the petty kind. For the sake of painting a picture I`m going to name our victim Suzy.
Hating Suzy doesn’t really do much to you… or Suzy… It just makes for an awka-awkward run in at the local bar when you unexpectedly run into each other.
The one thing we’ve all got to realize is…As much as we’d all love to relish in the false reality that Suzy is a mean mean girl and everyone hates her equally as much as you do.. it’s just not true.… Suzy has friends and family that love her. This was the biggest revelation to me… When I finally got over myself enough to realize that these people that I was SO convinced were terrible beings had a group of people that loved them… how can you truly say you dislike them?.
YES… people are multi-faceted beings and YES different people bring out different beasts in us. But to judge someone SOLEY on their interaction with you isn’t a true indication of their character.
Think of it this way. That one time when you were drunk at the bar and you swear that girl over there gave you the side eye so retaliated by telling her she looked like the joker…Is that the true you? Is that the you that everyone in the world gets? NO! You had a bad day… or better yet a bad mixture of drinks . We wouldn’t want our bad qualities and moments to overshadow our good ones. So before you want to slander someone’s name, or use the strong words I HATE think about the intensity of that word.
HATRED is terrorism. HATRED is racism.. HATRED is violence. Don’t stoop yourself down to a level of evil to cater to pettiness.

Adulting…5 Things I’ve learned

1.)    Just because you’re an adult doesn’t mean you have to act like one

Now that I`m in the heavy half of my 20s I realize that there really isn’t much of a difference between my 22 year old friends, and my 32 year old friends. Sure overtime we become more established in our careers and our idea of “fun” may go from sharing our stories of vomiting in public places to lavish vacations and cocktail parties, but we are who we are regardless of age. It may be good to remind yourself this when looking for a mate….

2.)    You AREN’T entitled to everything you’ve ever wanted

This was my first, and hardest adulting lesson to learn… I was a natural athlete who got to states without even really trying, so imagine my surprise when I entered the work world and realized I WASN’T going to get every job I applied to, and every promotion I was up for….It’s a tough pill to swallow but TRUST ME, the best thing you can do for yourself is to not expect anything from anyone without going above and beyond to prove yourself.

3.)    Kiss your ego goodbye

This goes along with the latter topic but It applies to more than just work. You’re going to wake up one day and realize, whoa… how come you can actually tell I`ve been out all night, IS THAT A WRINKLE? Did I just gain 5lbs in ONE WEEKEND!? Omg that guy wasn’t waving to me… He was waving to the chick behind me that’s wearing those inappropriate shorts. Take care of yourself, but realize that your looks are going to fade, and what really matters is WHO YOU ARE.

4.)    People will hold you to “the timeline”

I`m 26, I’ve been with my boyfriend for 4 years and we aren’t married AND I`m living with my mom. So I`m pretty much the epitome of non-traditional. Prepare yourself to hear all about how you need to get married and have babies, and how you choosing to stay home with your awesome mom and pretend you are the golden girls while saving much money as you possibly can makes you NOT an adult. “If you really love each other who cares if you’re financially stable?” “If you have a full time job why aren’t you living on your own?” “When are you having a baby, you don’t want to be an old mom” Mind you, I have NO problem with getting married and knocked up fresh out of college, you do you, but for the people like me who have other priorities PREPARE yourself to shake off the judgment.. This is YOUR path whip out your hater blockers and keep on keeping on.

5.)    Its Scary, but we all do it

When I turned 24 I was a hop and a skip away from a mental breakdown. I fast forwarded my life in my mind all the way to the dreaded day that I realize that my boobs are now chilling down past my belly button. I thought about bills and my career and how I`m not in the same place as that made up Instagram account that shows 22 year olds driving $100,000 cars. I instantly found myself scared of what my life had in store… But THAT’S ADULTING PEOPLE. You learn to live on your own one step at a time and how to maneuver through life’s many curveballs. Maybe our stories aren’t all the same, but we all have to do it.

The bummer about routines… What REALLY matters people

Lately it seems like my 20s are slipping away. My life has gotten stuck in a never ending hamster wheel of habitual living. I wake up at 6:15 every M-F Work from 8-5 (sometimes later) and fill my evenings with a lousy workout attempt, and junk TV until my self-designated adulthood bedtime of 10:30…

 Now don’t get me wrong, I love my life, I do. But I can’t help but to think that in 40 years… I`m going to be looking back on my mid 20s and realize that most of these years has been THE SAME OLD SHIT. I’ve let my mind get so clouded by deadlines, bills, and routines, that I’ve forgotten what really matters in life.

Work is great, it gets us where we need to be in life. Bills… well those are important and thinking about them is necessary.. for must people… but we can’t let the necessities in life distract us from… well… life. We work so hard and become so consumed in our professional living that we stop putting work into actually LIVING. Living a life that is focused around being happy.

When I`m hungover every New Year’s Day… mostly regretting something like falling off of a barstool multiple times… I tend to want to reevaluate things.. I think about all the things I want to grow about myself in the next year. It always boils down to “I want to be the best me I can be”… but I let adulting become my excuse for really… not doing ANYTHING. Not putting work into myself, not putting work into the relationships that matter to me, and not doing anything that one considers LIVING.

I challenge everyone today to MENTALLY throw their work files, bills, and responsibilities into the shredder and do something for YOU.