Hello All,

I`m so excited to share with you possibly the easiest DIY skin care I’ve ever tried. I have a friend with the most beautiful skin. She is the girl that people annoyingly always talk about how great her skin is while I cry inside and wonder why that can’t be me!.. Finally, I broke down and asked her what her secret was…..

Apple Cider Vinegar. Now, If you are a pinterest fanatic like myself, this isn’t new news. ACV is all over the place as natural beauty life saver. It has benefits for weightloss, skincare, hair care and MORE. So I did a little more research on how I can use this stuff for my face and brace yourself… 1 part ACV… 2 parts filtered water.. Thats it.. I was equally excited as I was annoyed. Here I have been spending mega bucks on all of this skin care when the secret to my friends beautiful skin was a cheapo bottle of ACV. I died. but my bank account rejoiced.

Now I’ve been using this as a toner twice a day for about 2 weeks and I’ve noticed a change in my skin already. First of all, my skin feels amaze-balls afterwards. No tightness or greasiness, no weird stinging or tingling. just happy. My skin feels happy, like its thanking me for cutting the bullshit.  My skin feels softer and the texture and coloring of my skin has evened out significantly. During this time of year my skin always breaks out, and I get tons of itchy texture. This year was particularly bad and I tried EVERYTHING to get rid of it. From putting tons of product on, to nothing at all and it just wasn’t clearing up. In less than a week of using the toner my face chilled the heck out.. Finally!

I was so happy to find something that was so natural and so inexpensive that I just NEEDED to share it with you. Below I’ve outlined some benefits of ACV for your skin that I found… just incase my personal praise wasn’t enough for you 🙂 I used Braggs ACV, it needs to be the organic stuff!

Benefits of ACV for your skin:

  • Fights Acne
  • Helps your skin adjust to hot and cold weather
  • Helps even out skin coloration
  • Balances the PH levels of your skin
  • Removes Toxins
  • Fights Wrinkles

So go ahead, give it a try! I hope it works the same for you as it does for me.. We all have different skin, and some of us may be more sensitive than others, so I did a little test patch first so I wouldn’t have a reaction!

Have you used ACV for your skin? What about for your hair? Tell me about it, I`m looking to see what else this little miracle has in store for me.