Le Tote First Time.. Review

Hiya all!!

Long time no blog…

After months and months of mindfully ignoring my co-workers le tote praises I finally broke and sent out for my very first le tote. I have been pushing off the urge to try it out and once I cracked I was sure to send my work mates a kind of joking, kind of serious “Hate you Bye” email.  I have to say so far so good….I have held onto my first tote for a little longer than I`m sure most people do but that’s because I have a dress I`m holding onto for a wedding I have in a few weeks. I still may return and try to get a new one but who knows.. Time will tell 🙂

The clothes are all clean and in good shape, I don’t feel like I`m really wearing an outfit that’s been worn by multiple other people. And I mean.. I am a millennial and reduce, reuse, recycle is a mantra ingrained into my mind.

When I first signed up the options they had in my first tote were NOT me, but you have 48 hours to swap out styles and after having the app for a bit you can browse and save items into your “closet” so if the piece is available they will show up in your next tote, or you can swap out for it. You have to keep all of the items you received and send them back together unless you would like to purchase an item, in that case you would send back everything EXCEPT the lucky piece that has earned itself a home in your wardrobe.

I have some pictures of the styles I received in my first tote.

Thank you for reading, I`ll be sure to post updated totes on my instagram account so come check it out!

Have you tried Le Tote? What is your experience? Are there any other services similar that you prefer? Leave a comment! Let’s chat about it! 🙂