Adulting…5 Things I’ve learned

1.)    Just because you’re an adult doesn’t mean you have to act like one

Now that I`m in the heavy half of my 20s I realize that there really isn’t much of a difference between my 22 year old friends, and my 32 year old friends. Sure overtime we become more established in our careers and our idea of “fun” may go from sharing our stories of vomiting in public places to lavish vacations and cocktail parties, but we are who we are regardless of age. It may be good to remind yourself this when looking for a mate….

2.)    You AREN’T entitled to everything you’ve ever wanted

This was my first, and hardest adulting lesson to learn… I was a natural athlete who got to states without even really trying, so imagine my surprise when I entered the work world and realized I WASN’T going to get every job I applied to, and every promotion I was up for….It’s a tough pill to swallow but TRUST ME, the best thing you can do for yourself is to not expect anything from anyone without going above and beyond to prove yourself.

3.)    Kiss your ego goodbye

This goes along with the latter topic but It applies to more than just work. You’re going to wake up one day and realize, whoa… how come you can actually tell I`ve been out all night, IS THAT A WRINKLE? Did I just gain 5lbs in ONE WEEKEND!? Omg that guy wasn’t waving to me… He was waving to the chick behind me that’s wearing those inappropriate shorts. Take care of yourself, but realize that your looks are going to fade, and what really matters is WHO YOU ARE.

4.)    People will hold you to “the timeline”

I`m 26, I’ve been with my boyfriend for 4 years and we aren’t married AND I`m living with my mom. So I`m pretty much the epitome of non-traditional. Prepare yourself to hear all about how you need to get married and have babies, and how you choosing to stay home with your awesome mom and pretend you are the golden girls while saving much money as you possibly can makes you NOT an adult. “If you really love each other who cares if you’re financially stable?” “If you have a full time job why aren’t you living on your own?” “When are you having a baby, you don’t want to be an old mom” Mind you, I have NO problem with getting married and knocked up fresh out of college, you do you, but for the people like me who have other priorities PREPARE yourself to shake off the judgment.. This is YOUR path whip out your hater blockers and keep on keeping on.

5.)    Its Scary, but we all do it

When I turned 24 I was a hop and a skip away from a mental breakdown. I fast forwarded my life in my mind all the way to the dreaded day that I realize that my boobs are now chilling down past my belly button. I thought about bills and my career and how I`m not in the same place as that made up Instagram account that shows 22 year olds driving $100,000 cars. I instantly found myself scared of what my life had in store… But THAT’S ADULTING PEOPLE. You learn to live on your own one step at a time and how to maneuver through life’s many curveballs. Maybe our stories aren’t all the same, but we all have to do it.